Would I see more of the deer

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  1. Southernfryedyankee

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    If I switched from a 2" spot hogg pin guard to a 2 3/8" pinguard. I am using 3 pins and I just went to a 1/4" peep because of low light issues. The small pin guard looks really small in the new peep would the larger pin guard help with the gap in between. And would it also help me see more of the deer to better place my shot? my bow is shooting 270fps
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    I use a Hogg-it with the large guard and a 1/4" peep I just bought a 7pin wrap and large guard to replace the 5 pin that I was using. The sight ring lines up perfectly with my peep. I don't have an issue with the pins and seeing the target.:wave:

  3. Maybee-R

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    I had to switch to the larger pin housing.I couldn't see in very low light. but the larger one works fine for me.
    Edit: forgot it didnt hurt my groups any. might of helped because I can see better now.
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