Would like some advice on blinds versus tree stands

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    This is such a great sight, lots of info and knowledge. I am new to archery, bought a PSE bow about 6 months ago from a friend at work to see if I would like the sport. I have been diligently practicing almost nightly to better my form, aim and distance. I am thoroughly looking forward to the season begining here in Kansas and would like some input on a blind versus a tree stand. I do not particularly care for heights so I am rather aprehensive about a tree stand. I have heard some benifits to a stand, i.e scent, longer range to prepare, etc. but have not heard to much about a blind other than the deer will "spot" you. I saw in another post that someone uses a blind for turkey hunting and this is also something that I would like to do in the future. Any insight on either would be most helpful.

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    Welcome to the jungle.

    Bowhunting will be alot of fun. I can guarantee that. You'll have some pitfalls, but you'll learn to avoid them. And, you'll master the art of harvesting game with a bow if you stick with it.

    Treestands are good. They can increase your veiwing range. If you are hunting deer, they do help reduce the likelyhood of game winding you. Properly placed and set up, a treestand can help conceal your movement when it comes time to make the shot. Weather conditions, the direction the deer will be coming from, along with your approach to the location, can kill your elevated stand's effectiveness. It all depends on the area you are hunting.

    Like you, I do not like excessive heights. Altho, I do bowhunt primarily from elevated treestands. I have found that 15' to 25' up is my limit. Higher than that, I am too uncomfortable to enjoy the hunt. I have found that having cover(tree limbs, another tree, etc.) around me helps me feel at ease in the stand. Also, a well built stand will ease your mind. A full body harness is mandantory, in my opinion.

    Blinds are good also. And, possibly the better stand. You'll have to spend a little more time scouting to place a blind in the right position for bowhunting. If it is a store bought blind, pick your spot and set it up early so that it becomes a part of the landscape. I like to make my "natural" ground blinds at the end of the season for next year's hunt. Altho, I had a deer walk within 6 feet of me in a blind I built from debris in some planted pines 2 hours before dark. In this instance, I had the wind in my favor.

    All in all, it's not the brand, or, type of stand/blind. It is your knowledge of the animal, and, your knowledge of the conditions that will enhance your hunt. Timing is everthing, in my opinion.

    My recipe for a "sure kill" bowhunting stand/blind is this:

    1 measure of pre season scouting.
    1 measure of knowledge of the animal you wish to harvest.
    1 measure of equipment and practice.
    4 measures of "good luck".

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    Thanks Pinky

    Thanks for the insight and encouragement. After some "soul searching" and also reading your response as well as talking with a couple of bow hunters that I will be hunting with this season, I settled on a blind. The main reason this year is the height. Next year I will be hopefully a little more seasoned to bow hunting and will feel a little more at ease in the stand. I was on a scaffold this spring after a bad ice storm trying to cut some branches from trees in our back yard and I was able to climb to the 15 foot top of the scaffold but basically froze once the wind started to make the branches sway.
    Anyhow, enough of my babble, thank you very much for your insight and help!

    Good Hunting.
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    A few tips

    I beleive that a good ground blind is the most exciting way of harvsting a deer,due to...
    1. the deer can approach you and being on ground level you never know how close they will really get,I could have almost pulled the eyebrows off a doe once.I had a couple of awesome experiences and incredible hunts because tey are obviously at eyelevel on there playing feild.
    2.the shots you do happen to take on ground level are usually better than that from a tree,because you honestly can get a better shot through both lungs or more vitals.
    3.you can put a groundblind up in places were sometimes in the best deer habitat is,where there are no trees to get into,I know a perticular set of woods that has a swampy flat next to it with alot of shubby short trees that are only 10-20 feet high and 2-3 inches in diameter,the biggest deer live there,and the only way to get em is this,unless your just plain lucky.This is the biggest advantage to ground blind hunting,because if you watch where the deer go or know where they travel,you can set it up right off there trail.Some of the biggest deer I know of live and do not come out of this stuff until it is past hunting light.
    4. the elements....rain,sleet,snow and wind....
    your still hunting........
    There are some downfalls or minuses,
    1.deer don't like the black holes in the new bilnds,they see that darkness and tend to shy away from it being dangerous.mesh up is almost a certain must for smarter deer.And fixed blades are a must with mesh netting.
    2.scent is a key factor in deerhunting obviously....and unless you are scentfree or downwind like dood said they can bust you much easier than in a stand.I spray a whole bottle of carbon blast on mine every year,because it has a carbon lining,and try to leave it up in a spot for a couple of weeks before I hunt out of it.
    3.setting it up in or on the deertrail is not a good thing...I had a freind a few years ago who would have harvested a few deer as well as turkeys in his blind but said when he set it up,it was in the dark and noticed that when it came hunting time the deer and turkeys where almost running him over,he set up on the trail,and could not get a shot because of being too close and movement blew the moment.
    That new matrix is a nice blind,me and a freind will be doing a little footage this year in it,it should be a real good time,try not to laugh too loud....