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    I read this fourm a lot but do not post. Usually dont have much to say. But enjoy and learn alot from here. I shoot a mathews switchback 70# 29 inch draw 404 grain carbon force 300 arrows with a mathews fall away rest at 273 fps. The problem that i have is my vains get wrinkled on me after just a little shooting. it dosent matter what vain it is. All three vains do it. I shoot 4 inch vains. I really like my set up. ON 3d shoots i went from an avrage of 340 up to around 370 with this set up. This is getting old of always re-fleching my arrows to keep my vains straight. Any suggestions?

    Thanks Tom
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    Your vanes should not wrinkle unless your are getting fletching contact or are blowing through the target.

    There is a temporary fix. Take a lighter to the vane or a heat gun. If you use the lighter, hold it below the vane a wave it back and forth. Do not hold it in one spot too long or you will melt the vane. You must do both sides of the vane to straighten it. You can do this a couple times until it will no longer work. Disclaimer, do this at your own risk. Don't start a fire or burn yourself.


    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    Time for a big can of spray on Dr. Schoells:biggrin1: That will give you a good indication of where your interferance is comming from, or you could take the easy way out and just use Blazers, but I was never a fan of the easy way:laugh: