WTB Bowtech Black Knight

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  1. WTB Bowtech Black Knight

    Please email me with any thing you have that would fit my needs on this

    I can fit a 28 -29 in draw and would like it to be anywhere from 60-70 model if it can

    Please email me soon seeing I would like to get this bow soon

    I have cash on hand ready

    Thanks and hope to hear from you guy soon


    BUCMASTR Guest

    bowtech available

    hey there,
    i know that you are looking for a black knight, i just wanted to let you i have a bowtech extreme vft that is fast and friendly to shoot. just checking if you are interested. if not NO HARD FEELINGS! take care. Scott

  3. Prospector75

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    2002 Bowtech Black Knight 2 For Sale

    I have a 2002 Bowtech Black Knight 2 for sale on E-Bay. The reserve price is $325.00. The Draw Weight is 60 to 70 lbs with a 29 inch draw. See the pictures on e-bay. It is loaded, all you need are some arrows.