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Discussion in 'Bows for sale or trade' started by timmersimp, Jan 29, 2006.

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    We live in southern California and my 10 year old son has been taking archery lessons for several months. He loves this sport and plans to be a champion! Its time for me to buy him his equipment and his instructor recommends Win and Win Evolution II. His instructor is also a dealer, which makes me somewhat suspect.

    I would like to avoid buying something I need to upgrade right away, my son will probably stick with this and get very good (obsessed?). I guess the apple does not fall far from the tree!

    Please let me know what you recommend and have to sell. I'm not sure of my budget, I guess that's part of my research. I would like to buy pretty quick.

  2. high school shooter

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    what i got and u can get

    Well I have a Martin rage its a 98 model and is in great condition,so if u want to learn more send me a pm.But if u are trying to get a new bow for him i would recomend getting the hoyt Rintec, it's a great youth bow and if he wants it in tournament colors he can get it in them.The bow is also good if he ever wants to go hunting it has enough power (if I might say) to kill an animal if he ever wants.So just send me a pm and I'll try and help some more if you need it.:)

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    Martin Jaguar Magnum

    I've got a Martin Magnum. I've used it fr only 1 year. I was successful with it twice. It pulls 45-60lbs. I have a limbsaver stabilizer on it, and limbsaver shock obsorbers on the limbs. A trophy ridge arrow rest. If your interested let me know. A very good bow I'm only gettin rid of it because Iwant somethin with a little more pull.
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    Both of my girls shoot a Browning Micro Midas. Great little bows and you can adjust the draw lenght without a press, all you need is an allen wrench.