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Discussion in 'WTB: Want to Buy Archery Items' started by stickcaster, Sep 6, 2007.

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    Looking to buy a good condition 2005 year model Hoyt Vipertech 27.5-30" draw length RH preferably with Spiral Cam &1/2 will settle for Cam .5 40-80# draw with 75% letoff. Will buy stripped or package. Oh yeah and I want a fair deal. Factory setup , no hack jobs uless your certified.:doh:
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    Hoyt Ultrasport

    Hey I've got a bow you may be interested in. It's a 2005 Hoyt Ultrasport with two sets of limbs, 40-50 pound and 50-60 pound. It has cam and a half with the draw length adjustable from 24 to 27 inches. It comes with muzzy dropaway rest, PSE 5 pin sight. Hoyt six arrow quiver and six carbon arrows. I am seelling as I'm getting a new bow. I'm looking for about NZ$650, which is about US$480 I think. I'm not sure what postage would be though.