WTB LH Bow 27" Draw Length

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    I'm a RH shooter that is Left Eye dominant. :frusty: While I predominantly hunt, I've been interesting in more 3D shoots and have decided to see if I can make the switch to the Southpaw side (LH).

    Since I'm not sure if I'm going to be comfortable with this, I don't want to sink a lot of money into a LH bow until I know that I can "master" the LH thing. On the surface it seems like I should be able to compensate, but the body has a funny way of rejecting logic sometimes.

    Anyone have a used LH set-up that would be perfect for someone wanting to walk on the "other side"? :cool: If I get the hang of it, I'll look to upgrade to one of the big three (Hoyt, Matthews or Bowtech). But that needs to wait until I know whether I'm buying a LH or RH bow.

    I need a 27" draw length and would be looking to shoot in the 60# range (at least that is where I am at now with my RH Darton Storm PS2.
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    I have a LH 60-70lb. 2004 reflex excurison I hunted with for the last two seasons, I just bought a trykon so im debating on keeping my reflex as a backup or selling it. What are you looking to spend?
    As is $350+s/h
    Bare $275+s/h
    I'm in illinois
    Truglo 5-pin sight
    Whisker Biscuit
    New stone mountain string (neon green and black)
    29" draw(adjustable 27-30) @ 70lbs. shooting 370 grain gt xt hunters at around 270 fps.
    If your interested pm me or
    email me at [email protected]