WTB Tru-Ball tension release

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    I was battling a major case of target panic when my brother suggested using his caliper tension release. I loved it!! My groups at 30yds improved big time after shooting just a few arrows!!! Problem is...this release isn't in production anymore. I have a stan, but I like this Tru-Ball for hunting cause I can just clip it on my string and I am ready to go...no fumbling with a rope!! My brother won't part with his...and I don't blame him! He said he thinks that it is called a Tru-Ball 3D Hingefire It is a blue four finger caliper tension release. I have contacted Tru-Ball and got no reply yet. I would really like to use this release for hunting this year. If anyone has one or knows of a shop that might have some left over..PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!! THANKS!!! :)