WTB/WTT Hunting Bow w/ Accessories

Discussion in 'Bows for sale or trade' started by Physher007, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. Physher007

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    I am looking for a hunting rig ready to go. I am in MI. I have an HP laptop that I would like to trade, but has a crack in the screen resulting in ap. 10% dead pixels. It iscompletely usable, in fact I am on it right now.

    Alternatively you can get a new screen on ebay for $150.00 and fix it. It is an HP DV6000, I paid 850 for it two months ago. It is now on sale for 750.00 at walmart. In its condition it wouold sell for about $400 on ebay.

    Otherwise I can pay cash.
  2. steve bear

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    how about a hunt bow(05) all set up 28-30" 60#max...storm bow,sight,peep wrist strap ,rest, stb, limbsavers,...i have no use for it...shipped $200.