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    This post is pretty long, and I apologize, but I'm hoping you guys can help me, just as you already have in responding to other people's posts.

    Yesterday I went to my local pro shop to buy some arrows. I've only been shooting about 6 months, but since I'm not putting arrows into the weeds anymore, I figured it was time to get rid of my cheap Wal-Mart arrows and get something better.

    I'm shooting a Hoyt Defiant, set at 59 pounds with a 29" draw. My arrows are a mix of CX Terminators and Wolverines. Tim, the local pro, had me shoot one of each through a chrono. The Terminator hit 268 fps, the Wolverine 261. He cut a CX Rebel Hunter for me and I shot 261. Kind of disappointing, since that was on my short list of arrows. He had a CX Maxima already cut, so I shot it and it hit 281! Now we're getting somewhere, I thought. We weighed the arrows, with the cheapos weighing about 440 grains (with 100-grain points) and the Maxima about 390. So far, it all made sense, except for the cost of the Maximas.

    Here's where it gets weird. I asked Tim to bump my draw weight up to 65 pounds, just to see what would happen. I shot my two arrows and a 6075 Terminator Lite Hunter (another short list item) that Tim cut for me. Not only was there no change in my arrows' speed, but the Terminator clocked in at the same 268! We weighed the Terminator and it weighed about the same as mine, although it should be a bunch lighter.

    I left there with no arrows and, what's worse, no clue about what was going on or what I should do. Tim said they're going to be getting some Gold Tips in soon, and thought maybe I should shoot their Ultra Lights, like he does (at 332 fps!). I assume there's some logical explanation for what happened, but it escapes me. Do we have an instrument problem? Shooter problem? Wrong phase of the moon?

    Again, as a new archer/bowhunter, you folks have been invaluable to me. I'm already a better shooter because of the advice you're so generous in providing. Thank you!
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    It sounds like a tuning problem.
    If u changed the poundage of your bow from 59 to 65 with no change in speed.
    With out checking your nocking point, your probably not tuned right
    this would cause this problem, i would check that first.:biggrin1:

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    Arrow selection at times can be frustrating in time as you tend to pick up info and learn more about what makes your equipment tick the easier it will be to decide what you want to accomplish.

    This is only a possibility
    One of the possibilities of a small change in the chrono when bumping your poundage up 5# is if the arrows were on the weak side of the spine they would be absorbing some of increase in energy, and be flexing or oscillating more coming out of the bow thus not reflecting the full potential of the increase in energy or poundage. It’s very possible that a stiffer spined arrow would have shown a higher increase in speed, this change will show but not as dramatic as one would assume.

    Speed is OK but don’t dwell on it find a arrow that groups well and builds your confidence then you will need to only work on yardage and arrows will always fly true.

    Good Luck and always ask questions :wave:

    JDX-- :peace:
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    what are you going to use them for Hunting, indoor, 3D?
    Each has a different way to build an arrow. Indoors fat and heavy, 3D lite and fast, hunting everyone has there own likes here.
    If you are looking for speed lite as you can. But the most impotent thing is like in the second post. Make sure every thing is in tune. But I will say the faster liter arrows are going to set up way back. 5 time the price of your wal mart arrows for sure.
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    Re: WTF

    I'm not looking for speed for speed's sake. According to a kinetic energy calculator I found online, a 440 grain arrow flying at 268 fps packs over 70 lb/ft of ke. That's more than enough to kill anything I'm gonna find around here. I just didn't understand why there wasn't any change. I never thought about the fact that my bow's tuned for 59 pounds, not 65. Thanks!