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    OK Guys and Gals,

    Howdoes everyone handle the toughest part of shooting well on unmarked ydg. Sometimes I can look at the target and I just know. Othertimes I have to try to mentally relate it to some other known yardage situations. How do you guys do it? Whats the best practice/training method for improving this ability:noidea:
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    I think everyone does it differently.

    What I "do/did/keep trying to do" is train yourself to what 10 yards is by looking at the ground. Then visually 'pace' off yardage 10 yards at a time with your eyes across the ground to the target.

    I was 'taught' this some time ago and it works for me in most situations.

    If you look at the target the backdrop and surrounding foliage can really confuse you. For example, a small black bear between trees in a wooded area looks a lot different than the same bear in an open field. To me, the one nestled in the trees looks bigger and closer than the one in the open field if they are the same yardage. Some people find the opposite to be true. It's an illusion...

    I have 2 black paint spots on my driveway that are 10 yards apart which I use to 'remember' what 10 yards is. Then I throw a tennis ball and try to guess how far it is away in yards. I then use a rangefinder designed for golf to verify the yardage, or not. My neighbors think I'm goofy, but oh well...

    I'd be interested to see what other methods people use to do this. Should be an interesting thread.

    Hope that helps and good luck.


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    I like to do the same thing. I'll sometimes walk in the woods and guess yardages and then range them to see how close I can get. I know that a lot of ranges do not allow range finders but I will take mine for practice. I don't compete much and I am much more interested in becoming a better hunter through solid field judging. I also use the 10 yards at a time method. I think that it is a pretty popular way to do it. There is all kinds of methods you just need to find what works for you.
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    Practice makes perfert. 3-D shoots, after all shoot; range find it! Learn that judgement/guess work varies in sunlighted forest compared to over cast day! I found myself thinking 30 yards when it was 40 on clouded hazey days.

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    I do about the same thing though I usally start by saying is it 20 or more, then go to 5 and 10 yard increments using trees and stuff laying on the ground, sticks and things......seems to work for me