You may be a bow hunting addict if.......

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    Found this on Deer Creeks web site. Feel freee to add any additional thoughts.:laugh:

    1. If you're driving down the road and see a deer, you make 'thunk' 'thunk' sounds mimicking the release of your bow.
    2. Your kids nicknames are Fletch, Nock, and Point.
    3.You call your wife Broadhead, but it's more of a suggestion than a nickname.
    4.You keep your deer head in the fridge and show your friends at breakfast
    5. You get up at 2:30 in the morning to climb 22 feet up a tree and wait for a deer to come by
    6. You spend more for your bow and accessories than you spent on your first car
    7. You have more bows than you have hands
    8. If you hang a tree stand in your Christmas tree
    9. If you put deer lure near you chimney to stop the reindeer for a better shot with your bow
    10. You keep your cell phone on "vibrate" while hunting, in case your wife calls to tell you that your first child has been born.
    11. Come September, you make all visitors to your house wash down in Scent Shield, before you let them in.
    12. You sleep with your bow.
    13. You spend more time in a tree stand alone then with your wife and children during the holidays!