Youth Staff Shooters?

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by MOBuzzCut, May 13, 2008.

  1. MOBuzzCut

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    My daughter is getting real serious about archery and me being a newbie to this part of it. I hope some of you can help? My daughter is 13 and wants to become a youth staff shooter for some companies. How do we go about this?
    I know I sound like an idiot but she has shown me that this is a passion and not just a phase. Any help appricated:noidea:
  2. Twinsfan

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    i guess you could ask people if they are looking for staff shooters and if they are you could send them her resume about interests, accomplishments and stuff like that.

  3. JDX--

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    It’s cool to see your daughter enjoys the sport and shows interest in being a staff shooter someday.
    To be a staff shooter
    You should be a good representative of the sport of archery and the industry behind it.
    Be willing to help out when asked
    Travel and compete through out the country at versus archery events
    Shoot fairly well and be a natural when it comes to sportsmanship
    Be willing to take the time to help and answer questions to the best of your ability on or off the course when in the general public and do this in a positive manner

    A good place to start is thru your local sport shop as a co-op staff shooter

    I hope this info helps

  4. MOBuzzCut

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    Thanks for the info. I know Companys are looking for people to promote there product. She is working on becoming a shop shooter and when it is final I will post here. I just feel we need to get youth more involved.
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    First start with your local archery shop. Make sure this is an actual Pro Shop. Enter as many shoots as possible and expecially hit any State Shoots that may be within your traveling area, such as IBO,NFAA,Deerman, ect. Visability and Marketability is an important start. If money is avalible, might look into a reputable archery coach.

    An easy way for her to get better is when going to a shoot, find the best shooters there and run the course with them. These may be Open shooters or Release shooters, doesn't matter, work with the best to get better. Good luck and I hope to meet you both at our shoot at the end of the month.

    Also, don't forget Montrose this Sunday. If you need directions drop me a PM.
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    Way too many put way too much empathise on being a "Staff Shooter" Why? If you really love the sport of archery then promote the sport. Too many people think that being a "Staff Shooter" means alot more than it dose. Some people want it because they think they get free stuff, Others think it will get more recognition. BUNK! Their are alot of companies that all you have to do is down load an application off the internet have a shop sign it and BAM your on staff. You don't get free stuff you pay a little over dealer cost. To prove it I got my partner as a "Staff Shooter" for three companies and he can't physically shoot a bow. Some people don't even use the products that they are asking to be on staff with. I get several PM's a week asking to be on my Staff and they have never used my product. How are they going to promote it. "DELETE". What you want is to promote the sport you love and the products you have tried and decided to use and then let the companies come to you and sponcer You. Then and only then it will mean something to you. and thats all that matters. My daughter and myself are sponcered by several wonderful companies that have been very close friends but we haven't had to ask.